Meet Santa's Little Planters

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Holiday

The love we have for each other has blended seamlessly with our love for plants, gardening, and having fun. And to think, it all started with an orchid. 🥰 It's not ALL about plants at Holiday House... Okay, it is mostly about plants, with a little 90s pop culture, some lyrical lines, & mentions from our favorite authors thrown in.

Last year we picked out a home in sunny Florida and called it "Holiday House". Then quickly transformed it into a charming, but a little gauche, jungle with year round holiday decor. Most nights you can hear the sounds of laughter & vinyl records while we work like elves around the Holiday House workshop. Of course, we also make time for nightly rounds of super competitive board or card games.

When we're not taking care of plants, we are crafting, or out kayaking, running, or visiting botanical gardens. We also enjoy quiet nights reading a good book, or watching youtube videos on gardening, homesteading, and of course, plants.