Welcome to the most festive plant shop online!

Our love for plants has allowed us to create a unique & rare, full shopping experience for fellow plant lovers. With Easter eggs sprinkled throughout our pages, descriptions, & photos, our hope is that you get to experience some of the fun we share with each other every day at Holiday House. We want you to LOVE every second of your shopping experience while you are hunting for your next houseplant. 

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We are plant cultivators, propagators, pollinators, admirers, & enthusiasts who built a collection & shop in hopes of spreading holiday cheer year round.

We will never sell freshly imported plants, unrooted cuttings / chonks / nodes, freshly acclimated tissue cultures, or "grower's choice".

We take pride in caring for our plants & selecting only the best to share with our fellow plant enthusiast. We put ourselves in the buyer's shoes, as we are buyer's too, & only sell what we would want to add to our collection.



That all plants are created naturally. That's why we are very careful about the organic materials we use to grow, feed, and treat our plants. By using natural resources, we can keep the soil clean & full of nutrients. Beneficial bugs help keep our plants pest free. All of our plants get the lighting requirements they need with the use of grow lights. They also grow in a clean and sterile environment to reduce exposure to harmful elements.

We encourage you to do your homework before purchasing any plant from our shop. If you are unsure of how to care for a plant, there are a lot of great resources online. We recommend knowing your growing environment & conditions as well. This will help you to determine what you will need to provide a proper growing environment BEFORE your plant comes home to you.



In an effort to offer the happiest, healthiest, & loveliest plants, we have meticulously selected every plant in our collection. We want to bridge the gap between plant resellers, & over priced plant shops, so that everyone can own their most sought after unique & rare houseplant, as well as the easy to care for plants.

In an age where good customer service is hard to find, we will make every effort to ensure that you are happy with your purchase, from shopping to shipping, to after care. If you need anything, please reach out to us for support. We value your business because you are making Holiday House Florae a reality.

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